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R4i Platinum

I’d suggest you purchase possibly r4i platinum 3ds for enjoying ds games or supercard ds two on your 3ds and ds systems.

R4i platinum 3ds is the greatest R4-3DS card with inexpensive cost and regular functions; it’s performing excellent on all of your 3ds and ds systems. It’s simple to use for brand new customers, you are able to set it up in several minutes. This card has excellent game compatibility with functions that are great; the cost can also be worth purchasing. R4i platinum 3ds is definitely the very first card we suggest for any person who does not need a lot more functions.

Supercard ds two may be the card with the greatest functions, this card may perform gba games, you can purchase ds two card, if you want sophisticated features, has real-time cheat, real-time manual features, real-time conserve. It has more functions compared to additional r4 cards.

Both these cards are great, only they are made for different customers, the platinum 3ds that are r4i is inexpensive with functions that are regular. Ds two is great but a lot more expensive because of its functions.

All of the cards we send ought to be performing excellent on all of your systems. We’ve upgraded towards the newest edition and check before delivery.

All of us realize that he Nintendo 3ds 7.1.0-16 has launched a couple weeks before. But no flashcards has been plugged by this system to help you still make use of the flashcard completely. To our new users that may be confused by these several flashcards: The R4i SDHC 3DS RTS, R4i Platinum 3DS and so forth. Which will be the very best r4i card for xl 7.1.0-16?

This card can support almost every ds games, you are able to perform with freeware in your 3ds xl today. You should not purchase a lot of game cards. R4i SDHC 3DS RTS supports both region free and real-time manual along with real-time save. What’s more it’s super easy to make use of; you simply require some steps in order to be used by you on xl and your 3ds.

R4i SDHC 3DS RTS has excellent compatibility, supports endless updates which imply you are able to usually utilize it. You may still make use of this flashcard even though Nintendo update the firmware model.