Best Card for v8.1.0-19

Presently if you would like to locate a best card for the V8.1.0-19, r4i card that is platinum is among the most suitable choice. R4i platinum 3ds is performing excellent on the newest 3ds firmware V8.1.0-19.

With r4i card that is gold for the 3ds, you can enjoy ds games and movies, e-book as well as audio, respectively with r4i card for 3ds that is gold.

R4i platinum 3ds is excellent, it has an excellent game compatibility, you should use this card to enjoy almost all the games, including the latest games. R4i platinum 3ds firmware wood kernel also changes rapidly to aid more games and provide more functions.

R4i platinum 3ds is the greatest r4 card for the 3ds system.

Why purchase the gold r4i card for the 3ds system?

It’s among the greatest r4 cards, it has excellent game compatibility, it changes frequently. Wood kernel is used by it.

Listed here are a couple of things you should be aware of before you purchase a r4i card for your 3ds system.

1. Utilizing a flashcard that is r4 won’t brick your 3ds system. There are several rumors on the web stated utilizing the r4 card might block the 3ds system, and also the 3ds console is likely to be locked by Nintendo, this really is totally phony information and not accurate, it’s been established a hundred occasions that utilizing the r4 card wont block your 3ds system and there’s not any verification the 3ds console was bricked due to utilizing the r4 card, feel liberated to utilize some of them, it is secure.