Everything You Need to Know About the Xbox Play Anywhere System

Microsoft, the creator of both the Xbox game consoles and the Windows 10 operating system, aims to deliver a cross-platform system that allows you play games on either of their two products.

Of course, as with every introduction of a new system, there are bound to be some confusion about it.

One such confusion is if all games are supported in the Play Anywhere System? Before I answer that, I will discuss briefly what this system is.

The Xbox Play Anywhere System by Microsoft is just a fancy name for their cross-platform play. Basically, the idea is you can play a PC game on your Xbox game console and you can also play Xbox games on your PC.

The idea might be simple on the surface but there are certain things that Microsoft needed to address so that people can understand it even further.

Today, I am going to talk about everything you need to know about the Xbox Play Anywhere System. The information I am about to disclose here is information that I have gathered during the E3 2016 event.

Anyway, after the plan was disclosed, a lot of people are confused and they want answers regarding this cross-platform play.

One of the main questions asked is if all of the games are compatible with either platform. That has been quickly debunked by a key speaker from 343 industries, makers of the Halo games.

According to Graeme Jennings, when they developed the upcoming Halo Wars 2 game, they were pressed for time and during the creation process, the Xbox Play Anywhere System was still premature.

Because they were on a tight deadline, the company decided to push through with the game’s development without consulting Microsoft about the Xbox Play Anywhere System.

In relation to what she said, not all of the games will have support for the Xbox Play Anywhere System. But, that might change once the system is already operational.

Another thing you need to know about this scheme is that you do not need an Xbox Live Gold Membership to be able to purchase games.

The premise of the Xbox Play Anywhere System is that you buy a digital copy of the game via the Xbox or Windows Play store and the games that you bought will be played on either of the gaming platforms.

This is actually good news for people as the Xbox Live Gold Membership is an annual membership scheme. I don’t want to pay extra when I am going to buy games digitally.

Microsoft does assure fans that the games that will support the scheme will be worthwhile games. This is another good news for the fans because you can pretty much play the game on your PC or Xbox game console.

I love what Microsoft is doing; blurring the lines between Xbox and PC gaming. I hope that this new system of theirs would take off to stellar heights. I am interested to see what this holds in the future for gaming in general.