Blais said, “We then go beyond that by looking for what we call climate leaders, which are companies that are meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement. It is based on data, scientific objectives and in-depth analysis, all filtered by the ESG team. “

The fund uses the MSCI World Index and owns quality companies in various sectors. Blais believes these companies are reducing their carbon intensity, making themselves more efficient, and giving themselves long-term competitive advantages over their peers as they prepare for the new reality of net zero.

He stressed, however, that it was not just about investing in the technology and health sectors. Its success does not depend on the Paris Agreement either.

“These are all names that we have known, the majority for a long time, and that we consider to be viable investments. We have selected those who we believe are climate leaders after research, so they are quality and sustainable companies with compelling valuations and they can outperform in various scenarios even if the Paris Agreement does not move forward.

“In my mind, this desire to fight climate change goes beyond the Paris Agreement. It’s really about believing that society wants to fight climate change. The Paris Agreement provides us with a framework and it certainly helps to move us forward. It’s an excellent standard, an excellent platform but I think [society] goes beyond that.

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