A former ski instructor who turned his love of outdoor trekking into a business will be moving his off-road motorhome manufacturing business to Pueblo in the spring.

Boréas campers Owner Matt Reichel, 36, will move into the former 17,000 square foot Coca-Cola distribution facility at 3004 Prairie in Bessemer. He’s come a long way from the 400-square-foot storage unit he rented in Denver in 2016 so he can start building RVs.

Reichel and his team make “a premium, premium, off-road, off-grid motorhome,” he said. “We’re currently producing a teardrop style, which is sort of a smaller option for two people. ”

The XT weighs 2,200 pounds and can be pulled by a mid-size truck, SUV or Jeep. With independent suspension and all-terrain tires, outdoor enthusiasts can take XTs where other campers can’t.

the camper has water, solar power, an oven, a kitchen and a refrigerator. It sells for $ 34,890.

“Then we have a larger hybrid motorhome that will go into production. This is a new model that we will be releasing next year, ”he explained.

“It’s a little bigger. It’s still off-road and off-grid, but it has a bathroom and can accommodate four people, ”said Reichel.

The retail price of the larger motorhome is $ 74,990.

Pueblo is a good choice for Boreas

Some of the factors that triggered Boreas Campers’ move to Pueblo included the growth of the business and its need for expansion. The high cost of doing business in the Denver area was another factor that played into the decision.

“We have been looking for almost a year now to try and find a new facility and a good home for us. This move to Pueblo also makes budget sense for us, ”said Reichel.

For the past eight months, Reichel has worked with representatives from Pueblo Economic Development Corp., including Vice President Joe O’Brien and President Jeff Shaw. They offer.

The funds are taken from the half-cent sales tax fund for economic development. The incentive program will allow Reichel to increase employee benefits with a 401 (k), paid vacation and health insurance to make the company more competitive against other manufacturers.

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“A lot of our employees are really excited to be leaving Denver and coming to Pueblo. Everyone is fed up with the traffic and the cost of living here, ”he said.

“Pueblo really ticked a lot of boxes on both the business side and the personal side for access to the outdoors, the cost of living and the ability to buy a house. So it wasn’t just a business decision, it was also a human decision, ”said Reichel.

About eight to ten employees will move to Pueblo from Denver.

Matt Reichel

New jobs opened in 2022

“We plan to immediately increase to 15 to 20 people in 2022. Then we will probably hit the 30 to 35 employee mark in the future,” said Reichel.

“These are good paying jobs and it’s going to be good for the community. We’ve been working on that – looking for companies that are making products for the outdoor recreation industry and looking to grow, ”Shaw said.

“Sometimes businesses are looking to relocate outside of Colorado and we just want to make sure they look at Pueblo first. We can’t wait to have them here. “

The company will hire manufacturing managers, front office workers, and production and manufacturing workers such as welders, electricians and builders. Those with mechanical skills who are willing to learn will be ideal workers for the company.

Almost 300 of the motorhomes were manufactured and sold.

“A lot of our clients are here in Colorado, but we have owners all over the country and even a few in Alaska,” Reichel said.

Reichel has a background in industrial construction but moved into a motorhome in 2012 so he could travel to “be a ski and mountain bike enthusiast,” for a year, he said.

He landed in Breckenridge where he worked for three years as a ski instructor and met his wife Maggie, who was also a ski instructor.

In a quest to find a product for those who enjoy the van lifestyle, he decided to come up with a trailer version for people on the move. He built the first motorhome in a garage on the Boreas Pass of Breckenridge, hence the name of the company.

“Boreas is also the Greek god of winter, so that was appropriate,” he said.

As the business grew, the couple were able to quit their teaching jobs and move to Denver. Maggie is now employed full time for Boreas Campers, as Marketing Director.

To find out more go to boreacampers.com.

The Boreas XT motorhome is designed to go anywhere an off-road vehicle can take it.

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