Charley Hoffman said on Saturday that his Instagram rant that criticized the USGA and the PGA Tour was meant to bring attention to the issues in hopes of making things better in the future.

Hoffman slammed the USGA on Friday after a rules glitch led to a hit penalty.

A member of the PGA Tour board, Hoffman said similar issues have frustrated players and are potentially exploring rival leagues, including one led by Greg Norman and backed by the Saudi wealth fund known as PIF. .

“If I just hang on to a ruler, probably nobody catches it. Nobody says anything,” Hoffman told reporters after shooting 79 on Saturday at the WM Phoenix Open..

He said he put a “decent amount” of thought into the post. “So I put a kick in there on purpose just for the media to catch it.”

In the second round, Hoffman hit his tee shot into the water on the 13th hole. In the area where he was to make a drop, he saw his ball roll twice, which allowed him to place the ball. Even after that, the ball rolled in water, resulting in a penalty and a double bogey on the hole.

“Oh it was definitely in the heat of the moment, I mean there’s no doubt about it,” he said. “But as I said to the rules officer when I was done with the decision, they said, ‘Oh, we’re working on it. Well, I said, “That should have been taken ax years ago when it happened to Rickie (Fowler) at that tournament.”

“It’s not taking care of it, it’s too long between the two. I mean reality is the breadwinner. I mean, a hit is, no matter what, is going to hit me on time, something, somewhere down the line. I don’t know what it’s gonna be. This is going to affect me on a fake rule that hopefully changes for the better in the long run and hopefully we learn from it.

In the original post, Hoffman referenced PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan preemptively saying he was sorry. Hoffman said he knew it would cause problems for the commissioner, but Hoffman just thought no change would happen otherwise.

Hoffman also said he spoke to someone from the USGA.

“I felt like the rule had changed,” he said. “And I was frustrated when the rule hadn’t changed, why it hadn’t changed and I think there’s kind of…a PGA Tour liaison that helps with the USGA and helps to understand what rules should and shouldn’t be.

“It made no sense at the time why that rule hadn’t changed, especially that exact tournament when it happened to Rickie Fowler, he ended up winning the golf tournament, but that could have cost the golf tournament (in 2019).

“I wanted to make it clear that there are rules in the game of golf that should be changed. I wasn’t near the golf ball, I had no intention of hitting the golf ball and the ball moved after I dropped it twice and I have to put it down where the ball landed. I have no control over it, I turn my back and the ball goes into the water.

“How is this a rule that is good for the game of golf and the way we play? I mean, not a single person in a country club would have taken another penalty for that, why in professional golf do we do that? It’s not the first time this has happened. »

Hoffman shot an 8 of 79 on Saturday, his worst round of the week. He is in 67th place on Sunday, last among the players who made the weekend cut.