The 151-foot-tall piece of art is said to be made of structural stainless steel that rises and curves in a design estimated to cost between $ 11.5 million and $ 18 million.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Perkins & Will won the design competition for Riverfront Plaza, a new downtown park that will go where the Jacksonville Landing was demolished along the river.

The city’s Professional Services Review Committee counted the scores of its members and the results placed Perkins & Will as the top pick.

The rating came after three nationally recognized companies pitched their visions at a one-day meeting last month that showed how they would apply a Jacksonville-inspired design to a downtown property that was broadcast on national television more than any other. other place in town.

After: Companies showcase park designs at the old downtown Jacksonville Landing site

The park will also fit into the ongoing work of the Downtown Investment Authority and the Jessie Ball duPont Fund to make the riverside an attraction that draws people downtown for fun and recreation.

The three finalists were Perkins & Will of Chicago, Agency Landscape + Planning, based in Cambridge, Mass., And Olin Partnership of Philadelphia.

Perkins & Will titled their presentation “A Jacksonville Park for Everyone” featuring a large central lawn, playground, wading pool, beer garden and garden patio. The proposal was to allow one to stay away from the Saint John River while retaining ground elevations allowing a view of the water, and part of the shore would be curved inward to add another accent. to the focus on water.

The estimated cost of creating the park was set by the Perkins & Will team at $ 12 million.

Stainless steel sculpture to be part of the design

Perkins & Will also unveiled a massive stainless steel structure designed by Jefre, who is based in Orlando and has gained a reputation for outdoor public art. The 151-foot-tall piece of art is said to be made of structural stainless steel that rises and curves in a design meant to reflect the “history and symbolic relationship” between the river and Jacksonville.

The cost would also be high, estimated at $ 11.5 million or $ 18 million, depending on whether the stainless steel has a “brushed” finish or the more expensive “mirror polish”. This would bring the total cost of the park and sculpture to $ 23.5 million to $ 30 million.

The members of the city’s professional services evaluation committee for the design competition are Downtown Investment Authority CEO Lori Boyer, Procurement Manager Greg Pease, Parks Manager Daryl Joseph, Deputy General Counsel David Migut and City Finance Officer Paul Barrett.

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