DUBLIN – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – The report “Global Trust and Business Services Market: Size and Forecast with Impact Analysis of Covid-19 (2021-2025 Edition)” has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com offer.

This report provides in-depth analysis of the Trust and Enterprise Services market by value and segments. The report also assesses the key opportunities in the market and describes the factors which are and will be driving the growth of the industry.

Companies mentioned

  • Intertrust

  • TMF Group

  • JTC Group

  • QI-EQ

Growth of the global global trust and enterprise services market has also been forecast for the period 2021-2025, taking into account previous growth patterns, growth drivers, and current and future trends.

The Trust and Enterprise Services market refers to the market that provides a wide range of administrative and compliance services to support its multinational clients. The services provided by business and trust service providers include the creation and licensing of businesses, provision of finance and banking services, record keeping and management of client assets and wealth, payroll services, tax planning, etc.

The main objective of the contract is to build trust between the customer and the service providers. Over the years, the market has seen many acquisitions and consolidations from local to regional or global level. The market acts as a business advisor, emphasizing personal relationships, high quality of services and expertise. The market for trust and enterprise services can be segmented on the basis of customer base, service providers, strategies, and major revenue drivers. The market for trust and business services is largely focused on five core principles, namely stability, responsibility, excellence, innovation and collaboration.

The global trust and business services market has grown at a healthy CAGR during the years 2016-2019, the market growth has been moderately impacted in 2020 due to the spread of the pandemic disease COVID-19. Besides, projections are made that the market will grow hugely in the next four years i.e. 2021-2025. The global trust and business services market has experienced historic growth, supported by factors such as increase in number of sovereign investors, increase in global GDP per capita, growth in global HNWI wealth , etc.

Still, the market faces some challenges such as the simmering confidence of global consumers, political and economic ambiguities, etc. etc.

Main topics covered:

1. Summary

2. Presentation

3. Global market analysis

4. Impact of Covid-19

4.1 Impact on the Global Business Trust and Services Market

4.1.1 Growing preference for digitization

4.1.2 Most Common Sentiments of Private Equity Firms

4.1.3 Growing complexity of fund structures

5. Market dynamics

5.1 Growth drivers

5.1.1 Increase in world GDP per capita

5.1.2 Global HNWI Wealth Growth

5.1.3 Increase in the number of sovereign investors by region

5.1.4 Growing desirability of assets under management of pension funds

5.1.5 High customer retention rate

5.1.6 Outsourcing

5.2 challenges

5.2.1 Failure of the customer relationship

5.2.2 The surge in global consumer confidence

5.2.3 Unstable globalization and FDI

5.2.4 Cyber ​​threat

5.2.5 Brexit aftershocks

5.3 Market trends

5.3.1 Political and economic ambiguities

5.3.2 Confidence and good conduct of the company

5.3.3 Rule changes

5.3.4 Improvement and advancement of technological infrastructure

5.3.5 Low entry barriers

5.3.6 Strong culture of excellence

6. Competitive landscape

6.1 Global Trust and Business Services Market: Player Analysis

6.1.1 Global Fund Administrators Market: Competitive Landscape

6.1.2 Structure of the Global Trust and Business Services Industry

6.1.3 Global Trust and Business Services Market Players by Market Share

6.1.4 Global Business Trust and Services Market: Strategic Comparison

7. Company profile

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