Party leaders traveled across the province on Friday, making final presentations to voters ahead of Monday’s provincial election.

New Brunswickers have two more days to go to the polls to decide who will form the next government.

Here’s what the party leaders are saying:

Coon would eliminate interest on student loans

Green Party leader David Coon has pledged to help post-secondary students if his party is elected.

Coon said a Green government would reinstate the Tuition Access Bursary for students with incomes below $ 60,000.

“I was stunned this week when I found out that neither the Liberal Party nor the Progressive Conservative Party offered student assistance with their election programs,” Coon said during an announcement at the University. from New Brunswick to Fredericton.

Green Party Leader David Coon pledges to help post-secondary students by eliminating interest on provincial student loans. (Maria Burgos / CBC)

“I have heard the concerns of the students and unlike the other parties, I am ready to act.”

Coon also said the Green Party wants:

  • Make it easier to qualify for free tuition and student loans by eliminating provincial credit checks associated with applying for a loan.
  • Reinstate the Timely Completion Benefit so that anyone who graduates within five years has a maximum debt of $ 20,000.
  • Eliminate interest on provincial student loans.

“The Greens take students seriously and we will ensure that our young people can start life with a good post-secondary education, without being dragged down by massive debt,” Coon said.

Women key to economic recovery, says Vickers

Liberal Leader Kevin Vickers vows to involve more women in the province’s economic recovery after COVID-19.

He said he would do so by creating a cabinet committee to develop and implement policies that address some of the challenges women have faced throughout the pandemic.

“Having more women involved makes us more innovative and productive,” Vickers said in Moncton on Friday.

“A Liberal government will ensure gender, language and regional representation on our agencies, boards and commissions.

Liberal Leader Kevin Vickers vows to give more voice to women during economic recovery from COVID-19. (Maria Burgos / CBC)

If elected, Vickers said he would also pass legislation to help financially struggling artists and performers during COVID-19. Vickers’ announcement echoed a similar promise made by Green Party leader David Coon last week.

“Arts and culture are an important part of who we are, and a Liberal government will continue to integrate artists and their works into schools,” said Vickers.

“To further improve the arts and culture, a Liberal government will pass legislation recognizing the profession of artist and establish a book purchasing policy for New Brunswick bookstores and publishers.

Any party except PCs is a ‘risk’, says Higgs

Conservative Party Leader Blaine Higgs was in Florenceville-Bristol, in the northwest of the province, where he appealed to New Brunswickers for their support.

“We are asking New Brunswickers to make a choice. I think there is a very clear difference between our party and the others, and the difference is the experience, ”Higgs told the crowd at Potato World, a museum highlighting apple cultivation. of land in New Brunswick.

“It’s a risk for our province if we do anything other than elect a PC majority government.”

PC Leader Blaine Higgs says there are clear differences between his party and others. (Maria Burgos / CBC)

In his platform released Thursday, Higgs said his government was able to deliver on 62% of its promises in the 2018 election.

Since the campaign began, Higgs has touted his government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic that struck in March.

PCs say 93 percent of New Brunswickers felt the government communicated effectively during the pandemic.

NDP attacks Vickers for trying to build relationships with Indigenous peoples

NDP Leader Mackenzie Thomason slammed Liberal Leader Kevin Vickers, who said during Radio-Canada Leaders on the Record forum earlier this week that he “knew exactly what First Nations people are going through.”

“This Kevin Vickers is cheap words,” he said. “And I find that remark, frankly, insulting. There is no way Mr. Vickers could even come close to the impact of over 500 years of discrimination, torture, poverty and blatant racism. “

Vickers is a former police officer who spent part of his career stationed in the Northwest Territories.

In Friday’s announcement in Fredericton, Thomason also criticized Vickers and Conservative Party Leader Blaine Higgs for allowing an election during the COVID-19 pandemic, without prioritizing New Brunswickers. It is a subject that Mackenzie raised frequently during his election campaign.

If elected, Thomason was adamant that his party would put the workers and the people of New Brunswick before politics.

NDP Leader Mackenzie Thomason blamed Vickers and Higgs for allowing elections to be held during the COVID-19 pandemic and for not putting New Brunswickers first. (Maria Burgos / CBC)

“We are the party that will put people first and we urge voters to vote for the NDP”

He reiterated some of his party’s plans during his campaigning over the past four weeks, including an investigation into systemic racism and full funding of Clinic 554. He also pointed to the working groups without contracts for years.

He also shared some of his experience of having a job while campaigning as the leader of the NDP, and was also present at events that no other party attended, such as a demonstration for better access to the abortion in Quispamsis.

“We are the party of action and the party of labor,” he said. “And we embrace this role wholeheartedly.”

Where are the leaders today

PC Leader Blaine Higgs will meet in Caraquet, Shippagan, Tracadie-Sheila, Neguac, Miramichi, Bay-du-Vin, Bouctouche. Sunday, he will be in Bouctouche in Quispamsis.

Liberal Leader Kevin Vickers will meet in Hartland at 9:15 am, media scrum at 10:45 am in Bath. He will also visit a farmers market in Grand Falls at 12 p.m. On Sunday, he will do a media scrum at 11:30 a.m. outside the Restigouche hospital.

People’s Alliance leader Kris Austin will be in his riding of Fredericton-Grand Lake where he will campaign over the weekend.

Green Party Leader David Coon will be at the Boyce Farmers Market in Fredericton. He will also be in Sackville, Memramcook, Moncton and Shediac.

NDP Leader Mackenzie Thomason will visit the Fredericton, Moncton, Dieppe and Saint John farmers markets on Saturday.

Classification at dissolution: PC 20, Liberals 20, Greens, 3, Popular Alliance 3, Independent 1, vacancies 2

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