The US Plan for Families was suggested today by President Joe Biden, which is designed to “develop the middle class and extend the benefits of economic growth to all Americans.” There is a lot to love about the shot no matter which aisle you are on. But some things falter, which leads to the question of paying everything. The main objective of the plan is to take important steps to ensure that taxpayers do their job conscientiously. The main steps include increasing the IRS law enforcement, reporting obligations for financial institutions and increasing taxes on the rich.

Influence of the IRS on Bank Accounts

The new American Families Plan requires all banks and other financial institutions to report all kinds of taxpayer outflows and inflows. It’s not just about the interest taxpayers earn or the capital gains and losses. Likewise, the IRS will have full knowledge of all bank accounts, whether or not the person has earned income on that account, the amount in that account in any given year, and all other transaction activity on that account. However, the operation of such a system is not yet clear. But the only thing that is very certain about the system is that it would erase the huge blind spot that the IRS is currently facing.

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Current situation

As things are working in the current situation, most taxpayers do not have the option of reporting their bank details. Like other Americans, all independent taxpayers can self-report their income and deductions to the taxpayer. IRS. However, W-2 employees see their number of salaries declared in IRS on their behalf. This system allowed independent taxpayers to lie about gross revenue or gross revenue. This is a very frequent situation among this category of taxpayers, which is the lack of information on the part of the IRS. This is a very effective measure taken by the US Family Plan, which requires banks to report the highest balances and aggregate deposits and withdrawals.

Over-$ 600-in-the-bank

Here’s a list of everyone who would be on the losing side of the new plan:

Rich americans

This new plan primarily targets the wealthiest Americans. The president wants to increase the personal income tax rate on ordinary income from 37% to 39.6%.

Wealthy investors

This proposition also applies to households earning more than a million dollars. The new taxation of long-term capital gains and dividends for them will now be doubled.

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The president proposed the plan and settled for the rich while those who earn more reasonable amounts will be on the winning side.


Biden assured that not all Americans earning less than $ 400,000 a year would have to pay higher taxes. Taxpayers will also benefit from the increased tax credit extensions included in the US bailout from March, which is funded by further tax hikes on the rich.

He also promised to look after all low and middle income families with children and working parents. Stay tuned for more information!

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