TEA, SD (KELO) – A couple traveling to South Dakota on Sunday are grateful to those who pulled over to help them following an accident on Interstate 29 near Tea.

Jason Alexander and Chastity Pfaff were on their way to Devils Lake, North Dakota for an ice fishing trip, when their van and trailer hit a patch of ice, causing them to crash.

A few kilometers before the accident, Jason noticed how windy it was.

“At that point, we came across this icy patch where a lot of accidents had happened, and when we hit her she pushed the trailer so hard she just pushed the back of the pick out. -up from below us too, “said Alexander.

They hit the ditch, rolled the pickup truck and trailer, and landed on a sign.

“We were up in the air, and I looked at Jason, and Jason looked at me, and it was kind of like, ‘OK, here we go.’ I remember thinking in my head, ‘This is it. Here we are. This is the end,’ Pfaff said.

Fortunately, they both had their seat belts on and walked away from the crash. However, they lost their dog “Buddy”.

“He went everywhere with us, and he was everything. I continue to bounce back. I know I’m blessed to come out of this accident OK, and Jason and I are fine, but it’s still tough because he was wholeheartedly, ”Pfaff said.

Moments after the crash, three boys visiting their families in South Dakota for Christmas stopped to help and make sure they were okay.

“It was just one of those things we needed to make sure we were doing our part to make sure everyone else’s families were okay. Mainly because everyone is traveling for the holidays. You don’t know how many people were in the vehicle at all times. It takes five minutes to pull over to the side of the road just to call 911 and make sure people are okay. It doesn’t cost a thing to help someone, ”said Brayden Reiser.

The Reisers grew up in South Dakota until they moved to New Mexico in 2014. They lost their mother last year in a car accident.

“They were so selfless in their actions, and then when we started to learn more about their story, just really good people and good young men,” Alexander said.

Kevin Willis and Jody Koziol were in town to see the lights of Falls Park. They met Jason and Chastity at a hotel after the accident and helped them find food and a rental car.

“My father was also killed in a car accident several years ago. There is a saying that I learned a long time ago that goes, “There are two ways to diffuse light. Be the candle or the mirror that reflects it, ”so that’s what we were doing. We were trying to shed a little light by helping them, knowing that if we were in this situation as well, we were hoping people would help us, ”said Willis.

Jason and Chastity are back in Beatrice, Nebraska, and are doing well.

They also wanted to thank the first responders, hotel staff and the person who took their dog to the vet after the accident.