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… Tell me you weren’t thinking of the movie “Forrest Gump” when you read the article about the Memorial Day speakers that turned off the mic last weekend. It happened in Hudson, Ohio, near Akron. Organizers did not like that a former US Army speaker started talking about how freed black slaves praised soldiers who died shortly after the Civil War. I turned off the microphone. Unfortunately, “Forrest Gump” was just a movie. What happened in Hudson, Ohio was real life in 2021.

… What could happen? In a women’s softball tournament game, Lillian Butcher of Tuslow High School near Masiron hit a winning home run and landed on a mid-sized brother’s grass chair.

… Never be surprised by what you can find on eBay or Amazon. In the case of Damian Paulen last week, we found out that a person could find the key to open the emergency sign box. Become a firefighter. The cost of purchasing this key ultimately cost Paulen $ 5,000, who was slapped in the face by Allen County Judge Teri Cole Riser, setting off a fire alarm.

…. And no matter what the politician says, I’m still amazed. When Lima News asked US Senator Sherrod Brown last week about his thoughts on cutting $ 400 million in Joe Biden’s Joint Systems Manufacturing Center, Brown said, “Trump said so. We tried to shut it down, but we counterattacked. “Trump visited the factory two years ago, talked about how necessary the factory was and praised the workforce. Pentagon budget figures show JSMC received $ 504 million at the end of President Obama’s term in 2016, up from $ 2,186 million four years after the Trump administration.

… Your fears it won’t happen – according to the AAA, experts fear a deadlier summer for teenage drivers. They were the deadliest for teenage drivers last week. He points out that it marked the beginning of the 100 days. It is the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and the number of fatal crashes involving teenage drivers has historically increased. Experts fear this summer will be even more serious.

… Ideally, three consecutive holidays until you return to work and realize that you need to combine your five working days into four.

… Why did I have to walk to the store entrance when I needed a mask to enter the store, realize I didn’t have a mask and go back to the car to look for it? But now that I don’t have to wear a mask anymore, I absolutely want to have one before I get out of the car.

… When you find out that you are eating Kewpie’s “middle”, you know things are back to normal.

Roses and thorns: There is something new in the Rose Garden.

Pink: Last week, at least four new businesses celebrated their opening. Phoenix Nutrition in Lima. Shawnee in and out of automotive service. The strange job of Ottawa. And Ottawa’s Well Grounded Café

Pink: To David Paxton in Lima. He continues to be driven to see the Allen County Veterans Memorial under construction.

Pink: To Peggy and Jerry Burnhouse from Elida, who are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary on Wednesday.

Farewell shot: Make sure not to take the wrong lane when everything is going your way.

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