Nairobi – The Petroleum and Energy Regulatory Authority (EPRA) has withheld fuel prices for an additional month, with retail sales of super gasoline and diesel at 129.72 shillings and 110.60 shillings per liter respectively.

The decision was made despite rising global fuel costs and a time when Kenyans are gearing up for the holiday season which involves a lot of travel.

Kerosene, mostly used in low-income households, will retail for Sh103.54

The agency, in a statement, said: “Despite the increase in landed costs, the pump prices applicable for this cycle have been maintained from those applicable in the previous cycle. The government will use the petroleum development tax. to protect consumers from other high prices. “

EPRA noted that the landed cost of imported premium gasoline increased 3.59 percent from $ 606.06 (67,872 shillings) to $ 561.06 (62,899 shillings) while that of kerosene increased jumped 15.8% to $ 604.4.

In Mombasa, Super Petrol will continue to retail to sh. 127.46, Diesel sh. 108.36 and Kerosene at sh101.29.

In Nakuru, super gasoline will sell for 129.24 shillings, diesel at 110.43 shillings and kerosene at 103.39 shillings.

The National Assembly’s finance committee in October recommended cuts in taxes and levies through tax law amendments to protect Kenyans from soaring fuel prices in recent months.

The committee tabled a report in the House seeking to reduce the petroleum development tax charged on gasoline and premium diesel from Sh5.40 to Sh2.90.

Fuel consumers have contributed to the levy kitty intended for stabilizing fuel prices in the country, with the highest contribution per liter of fuel being 5.40 sh under the Petroleum Development Levy Fund Order (2020), leading to an increase in the cost of oil.

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