The founder and chairman of Vedanta Resources Limited, Anil Agarwal, took to Twitter on Monday to share important life lessons from his glorious past in a bid to encourage young entrepreneurs.

Agarwal tweeted: “My dear dreamers, I believe the biggest hurdle in life is never to take a risk. When I landed in America I had no place to stay but that didn’t matter. I came back to India with dreams bigger than my reality.”

“As my feet touched the ground, I looked at the vast land in front of me and dreamed of setting up my telecommunications cable factory. I got the best experts and equipment in America, some from Nokia in Finland, and the best group of young people to set up the factory in Aurangabad,” the Vedanta chairman tweeted.

Explaining how a true entrepreneur keeps expanding his capacity, he writes, “He went from producing jelly-filled cables to fiber optic cables. It used to take 8 years to get a phone line in India, and when we started producing, that waiting period started to shrink.”

“We have continued to add bright young minds to our team, including IIT graduate Dr. Anand Agarwal; a future entrepreneur, Mukesh Arora; Patna government employee B. Ahmad; and our star civil engineer, Ali Ansari,” he shared.

“You could give Ali the toughest problems, and he would always come back with a solution. In 5 years, these young students became by far the biggest producers of telephone cables in India – it was amazing!”, a- he explained.

Agarwal, said he was often asked, “How did you do it?” To that, he shared, “The answer is very simple. No matter how far you go in life, you must always take your people with you. Whether it’s your CEO or your factory worker in the field. You need to empower your employees to perform at their best.”

“This is where the magic happens. I remember I convinced Ahmad to quit his prestigious job at Hindustan Cable and work with me because I knew he was the best at his job. And you won’t believe he worked with me until he retired… Despite those wins, I couldn’t stop thinking about it,” he shared.

Agarwal explained that the focus should always remain on “how we could do things more efficiently”. He shared, “I thought, ‘Why can’t we make our own raw materials that are used in these cables instead of importing them?’ This would solve our cost problems and also create thousands of jobs. And that gave birth to my copper and aluminum business, as most of you know me.”

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