Pip Wheaton, from Wellington City Council’s climate action team, said Wellington’s ambitious targets and the way results are tracked were key elements that helped Wellington become a finalist.

“As part of our work to be accountable to our goals, we report annually to a global standard.

“We do this alongside cities in over 50 countries around the world and we use a globally recognized platform called CDP-ICLEI. The data we put there is reviewed by a panel of experts.

How the city and citizens came together on a climate action journey also helped Wellington stand out, says Pip.

“So many things come together. There’s no one metric to say we’re leading the way, it’s the way all of these things fit together and the fact that we’re measured across all of these metrics.

“What is our plan to reduce waste? Because waste is one of the main sources of emissions. What are our plans to help people choose active transportation over the car? Because transportation is one of the biggest contributors to emissions. How are we going to help people think differently about what they consume? »

Collective and urgent action means Wellington is on the verge of achieving its net zero carbon goal.

“We still have a lot to do, but we can be proud of this distinction,” says Pip.

The results of the challenge will be announced later in July. Keep an eye on the WWF website for more information.