The unveiling of the D-Day memorial on a hill overlooking Gold Beach in Normandy marked the 77th anniversary of the historic operation. Unfortunately, Prince Charles was unable to attend the opening due to restrictions imposed by a Coronavirus. Instead, he delivered a speech through a recorded video message and praised everyone who died in operations.

Many former Liberation Mission soldiers were unable to attend due to COVID restrictions. As an alternative, they had to Trip in a separate location where arrangements have been made for the live broadcast of the program.

On the 75th anniversary in 2019, the Queen, along with Donald Trump and other world leaders, paid tribute to D-Day veterans. Sky News says that in France, representatives from Britain and of France placed wreaths in a conspicuous place. It was a solemn ceremony.

About the D-Day Memorial

The cost of the memorial is approximately $ 47 million. It records all the people under British command who died in the Battle of Normandy. Their total number stood at over 20,000, and Gold Beach was a spot identified for the War Room landing. British forces landed there to set in motion the liberation of Western Europe. Prince Charles is patron of the Normandy Memorial Trust. The world war has tested the resilience of the forces that united to overthrow a dictator.

They came from different backgrounds, religions and countries and fought with all the weapons they had. They even created new ones to meet the challenges. Their goal was to eliminate the man who had terrorized the world with his activities. Sky News quotes Prince Charles as mentioning in the video message that he wanted survivors to see the memorial for themselves.

The 77th anniversary of D-Day

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also paid tribute on the 77th anniversary of D-Day. He referred to what General Eisenhower said about the landing of Allied troops on the beaches of Normandy.

George Batts is a Normandy veteran and patron of the Normandy Memorial Trust. For him, it was a dream come true because many of them never thought it could come true.

Each name on the monument has a story to tell. Russian President Vladimir Putin has not received an invitation to the 75th D-Day celebration.

The Normandy Landing Memorial unveiled

According to France 24, the D-Day memorial was inaugurated on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the Normandy landings. British Ambassador to France Ed Llewellyn presided over the ceremony. With him was Florence Parly, Minister of Defense of France. The memorial was a tribute to the thousands of servicemen who sacrificed their lives during the invasion of occupied France by German forces. The liberation teams were under British command and it was a three-pronged attack on land, sea and air.

The memorial is the first of its kind in Normandy. It consists of a few standing stone slabs bearing the name of each soldier in chronological order from June 6 to August 31, 1944. The soldiers belonged to different nationalities. Steven Dean is the project manager. In his opinion, the place could attract large numbers of visitors each year. There are other similar sites around the world. One is a cemetery in the nearby town of Bayeux. Another is in America overlooking Omaha Beach. It receives around one million visitors a year before the pandemic hits. A film like “Dunkirk” shows how the world has joined forces to fight and overthrow a common enemy. There are many other WWII films that reveal global operations undertaken during the war.


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