About 100 people crowded the streets of Gainesville on Sunday evening during a “Stop Brutalizing Black People” in honor of Terrell Bradley, a Gainesville man who lost his eye last week to a K-9 attack while being arrested by police.

Demands to fire the officers involved in Bradley’s arrest rang through the air, along with calls to release all unedited footage of the arrest.

Protesters marched through the city before meeting at the Gainesville Police Department headquarters along Eighth Avenue northeast, where they cut off traffic and blocked the intersection.

Last week, Gainesville police arrested 30-year-old resident Terrell Bradley, who they believe committed a traffic violation and fled from police before being tracked down and arrested. The department had not openly addressed the arrest until footage began circulating on social media showing the extent of Bradley’s injuries that landed him in hospital, including the loss of an eye. following a K-9 attack.

GPD said the incident is an ongoing investigation and maintains that the use of a K-9 in the search for Bradley was standard procedure.

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Daniel Chanzes, a local activist, leads the crowd in chanting and organizing at a protest for Terrell Bradley in Gainesville, Florida on Sunday, July 17, 2022.

Protesters marched from the Santa Fe Blount Center to the GPD headquarters at 545 NW 8th Ave. Some wore eye patches over their right eye that said “Justice for Terrell Bradley” and t-shirts with a picture of his missing eye.

Protesters said they want an immediate review of DPG policy to ensure officers stop pursuing fugitive suspects when they pose no imminent threat or danger. Police say Bradley was in the procession with a stolen, loaded firearm and marijuana before fleeing from police during a search.

Protesters, friends and family of Terrell Bradley hold signs and talk during a protest for Bradley in Gainesville, Fla. on Sunday, July 17, 2022.

Due to the fact that Bradley had a previous felony conviction and the firearms situation, GPD said it called in a K-9 unit to search for the suspect, a search that took nearly an hour. Police say Bradley’s suspicious behavior, including his hand near the floor where the gun was later found, warranted the search.

Bradley was finally found hiding behind some bushes an hour later. GPD reports that the dog “grabbed” him and he was placed under arrest. He was then transported to UF Health Shands Hospital where he was airlifted to a hospital in Tampa where his eye was removed due to the K-9 attack.

Bradley’s cousin Tevin Bradley said he was shocked when he heard about the incident.

“It was amazing to me,” he said. “I had to call people to confirm.

Protesters gather outside the Gainesville Police Department building during a protest for Terrell Bradley in Gainesville, Florida on Sunday, July 17, 2022.

Tevin Bradley said his cousin remained in good spirits and was happy to know that members of the community were rallying behind him.

“It’s amazing how people come together,” said Tevin Bradley. “They see something is wrong. It would have been swept under the rug if we hadn’t talked about it. I want justice for my cousin. I want the officers and the dog out of the police force and the police policies change.”

Community activist Chanae Jackson said people attending the rally must keep fighting by voting.

“The commission is watching GPD, and we have to vote,” Jackson said. “We have to hold them accountable. What happened to Terrell could happen to anyone. We protect ourselves by uniting. We are powerful when we unite.”

His father Victor Bradley spoke at the protest and thanked protesters for their support and urged them to continue the fight for justice.

“You don’t know how much it means to all of you to show up and support us,” he said. “We have to be involved before something like this happens. It doesn’t matter what God controls.

Victor Bradley, father of Terrell Bradley, speaks about his son's situation at a protest for Terrell Bradley in Gainesville, Fla. on Sunday, July 17, 2022.

Belinda Gorman, Terrell Bradley’s aunt, said she was upset to learn of her nephew’s treatment.

“It’s sickening,” Gorman said. “The dog just mutilated her face. My sister is going through so much agony.”

Per GPD policy, an investigation is conducted whenever a person is apprehended by a K-9, a review process that includes photos, body-worn cameras and dash cams.

Police Chief Lonnie Scott said the review would be completed within the week.