We recently fired Joey Gallo because, really, what’s the point?

It’s embarrassing that the Yankees continue to run him off his .164 batting average with any consistency. But there was plenty of truth to Don La Greca’s recent rant on ESPN Radio New York.

Gallo hasn’t cost this team anything so far. And it seems inconceivable that he would even be put in a position to do so. As long as you have faith the Yankees aren’t cheated enough to put him on the playoff roster, it’s fine to treat Gallo’s presence like a mild but persistent headache. Take advantage of the rare occasion when a pitcher hits his bat with the ball and it goes over the fence.

The Post’s Jon Heyman and Joel Sherman enlisted super agent Scott Boras — who represents Gallo — as a podcast guest on Tuesday ahead of the All-Star Game in Los Angeles. Much of the interview was dedicated to discussing Juan Soto. But there was a little Gallo conversation at the end.

Boras conceded that Gallo had been a disaster and wondered if he thought the Yankees would trade Gallo (or if Gallo wanted to be traded) before the August 2 deadline. But he claimed there was a market for him if the Yankees made him available.

“I know there are a lot of teams that think Joey in their market and their uniform would be more normal (production) than what he is in New York,” Boras said.

Great. Please let the Yankees know so they can get them on the phone, get a player named later and some cash considerations and end this nonsense.

Boras is going to spin for Gallo. That’s what he gets paid for. But he’s right Gallo has some strengths. He has two gold gloves, walks a lot and can do circuits here and there. There are redeeming qualities. Gallo will never demonstrate them here, but send him to Cincinnati or Kansas City or Pittsburgh and you might get better results. We’re skeptical, but it’s worth knowing if you’re the Yankees. Preferably yesterday.

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