Air cargo activity at SBD International Airport continued its rapid ascent for a fifth consecutive year, fueling phenomenal growth for the airport and its partners.

Just 60 miles east of Los Angeles and centered next to major transportation corridors, SBD International Airport provides a fast route to the estimated 4.7 million consumers of Southern California’s Inland Empire.

Its state-of-the-art infrastructure supports the day-to-day operations of cargo giants including Amazon Air, FedEx, and UPS.

In 2021, the weight of air cargo landed at the airport has grown to 872,000,000 pounds, representing an annual increase of 85% and a staggering five-year growth rate of 4,239%.

Now a major player in air cargo, SBD ranks among the top 35 cargo airports in the United States.

For air cargo and supply chain operators looking to get started or grow in the region, SBD’s ideal location and competitive cost structure represent an unparalleled opportunity.

  • Strong interstate and warehousing connections

  • Lowest Airport User Fees in the LA Basin

  • Expedited customs clearance on site

  • Airside accessible bonded warehouse

  • Secure 1.5 acre cargo facility

  • Track 10001×200

  • Abundant plane ramp

  • Access to the free zone and tax incentives

The choice of freight giants

Providing a strategic and profitable base of operations for air cargo and logistics businesses has spurred the growth of the airport and its partners.

In 2016, cargo activity at the airport was minimal, totaling just 36 flights. UPS began operations in December of the same year with a single daily flight and a 5,000 square foot building.

It has expanded to 60,000 square feet and operates up to twelve daily flights during peak periods.

Source: SBD International

FedEx has seen a similar expansion. After its first flights in 2018, the company signed a 10-year lease and built a second facility. It currently employs 70 people.

Amazon Air is the latest cargo giant to choose SBD. The retailer began operations from its new regional airline hub at the airport in April 2021.

With a 35-year lease, 100 acres and over 700,000 square feet of facilities, the project will drive growth for decades.

“The Amazon Air Regional Air Hub represents the successful culmination of our long-term vision,” said Michael Burrows, airport general manager.

“Enabling companies to accelerate deliveries while offering them an attractive cost structure in a highly competitive market has proven to be a win-win strategy – and it’s a success we can replicate in our future alliances.”

millions minutes

SBD is located in the heart of California’s Inland Empire, a diverse region with a powerful economy that consistently exceeds national average growth rates.

Booming metropolitan area ranks 12and in the country by population size, making it larger than Detroit, Seattle-Tacoma, and Minneapolis.

The airport’s central location facilitates access to this wealthy market with its estimated 4.7 million consumers, many of whom live within 30 minutes of the airport, as well as a vital freight transport corridor with global reach.

It provides immediate access to local multimodal transportation infrastructure which includes highways 10, 210 and 215, the BNSF intermodal rail complex, a YRC freight hub and modern warehousing facilities.

Adjacent to the airport is a thriving 2,000-acre business park that is home to a mix of top companies, including members of the Fortune 50, 100 and 500.

State-of-the-art infrastructure and services

The airport’s extensive infrastructure supports the day-to-day operations of the country’s leading integrated cargo carriers.

The world’s largest aircraft are easily accommodated by its Group VI runway, while fast cargo handling and efficient turnaround times are ensured by trained personnel.

Source: SBD International

The updated facilities include over 60 acres of concrete ramp and specialized cargo equipment. A full range of aviation services is available from the airport’s MRO partners, should the need arise.

Air cargo truck movements are facilitated by a secure access road and dedicated airport entrance along a main thoroughfare, which help expedite time-sensitive cargo to its final destinations.

A strategic opportunity

Offering unparalleled convenience and maximum efficiency, SBD truly is the easiest way to enter Southern California, both domestically and internationally – and the ideal geographic location for air freight and chain businesses. supply to base their operations.

“The growth of SBD and its air cargo partners demonstrates how the airport provides a much-needed strategic alternative in the region,” Burrows said. “SBD helps partners move goods more efficiently, reduce expenses, and benefit from comprehensive financial incentives and a management team committed to their long-term success.”

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