Bob Dylan’s catalog is so vast that it’s almost a daunting challenge to browse it. Trying to cover one of Dylan’s songs is even more intimidating. Many have tried, and some have even come out brilliant on the other side.

Here’s a look at those covers of Bob Dylan songs that stand out.

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“Blowin ‘in the Wind”, Peter, Paul and Mary (1963)


It’s a song by Bob Dylan that has become a popular cover. Many offered, but the best is perhaps yet of this legendary folk trio. Released three weeks after Dylan released his original version, Peter, Paul and Mary, who were under the same management as the legendary singer-songwriter, reached number 2 on the Billboard with his interpretation of one of the greatest protest songs of all time.

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“Farewell, Angelina”, Joan Baez (1965)

"Farewell, Angelina," Joan Baez (1965)

Tom Marvin / Akron Beacon Journal via Imgn Content Services, LLC

From the album of the same name, Baez has achieved critical and commercial success with this blanket. Baez, known for her quality covers, brought her own folk feel to the song, but it also featured a hint of pop that saw it achieve more mainstream success. Its version is also significantly shorter than the one Dylan recorded in 1965 but did not officially release until the early 1990s.

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“It Ain’t Me Babe”, Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash (1965)

Gerald Holly / The Tennessean via USA Today Network

The mutual respect between Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash was pretty special. Dylan’s version was originally released in 1964 when it was released Another side of Bob Dylan. One year later, Cash and June Carter released their rendition on his Orange Blossom Special record. The song was another hit for Cash, showing the musical chemistry he had with his future wife. It was also featured in the 2005 hit Cash-biopic. Walk the line.

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“Mr. Tambourine Man,” The Byrds (1965)

"Mr. Tambourine Man," The Byrds (1965)


Released weeks after the original and longer version of Dylan. Still, “Mr. Tambourine Man” might be the song the Byrds are best known for during the band’s distinguished career. The Byrds render went to # 1 on the Billboard graphic and gained the international popularity of the group. The band’s version offered a more pop sound which was made for radio and remains a classic song – defining the music and attitude of the 1960s.

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“All Along the Watchtower”, Jimi Hendrix (1968)

"All along the watchtower," Jimi Hendrix (1968)

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Critics and die-hard Dylan fans often consider Hendrix’s version of this rock classic to be arguably the best cover of any track in the folk legend’s catalog.. In fact, even among Hendrix’s stable of memorable and beloved tracks, his rendition of “All Along the Watchtower” is widely regarded as one of his best works – and those of the band. This is certainly another expected guitar performance for the legendary artist.

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“I will be freed”, The Band (1968)

"I will be released," The group (1968)


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“The Mighty Quinn”, Manfred Mann (1968)

Manfred mann

These English rockers were very successful in the 1960s and 1970s (like Manfred Mann’s Earth Band) thanks to their covers. This was another example, found on the band’s fifth and final studio album. Powerful sauce! Another one of Dylan’s beloved story songs, too much. This time about an Eskimo, who annoys a group of animals. The song has been covered by many over the years, but Manfred Mann’s version deserves constant praise.

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“If it’s not for you”, Olivia Newton-John (1971)


Dylan recorded this song with former Beatle George Harrison. Make for one of the best collaborations ever. That said, Olivia Newton-John enjoyed huge international success with her country-pop version of the track. His performance landed in the top 10 in the UK and was one of the top 25 in the US. In fact, this version could be more recognized than the original.

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“Knockin ‘on Heaven’s Door”, Guns N’ Roses (1987)


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“Masters of War”, Eddie Vedder, with Mike McCready (1992)

"Masters of war," Eddie Vedder, with Mike McCready (1992)


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“Women of Rainy Days No.12 and 35”, Tom Petty (1992)

"Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35," Tom Petty (1992)

Michelle Pemberton / Indianapolis Star / USA TODAY

Another interpretation of The celebration of the 30th anniversary concert. The truth is, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers had covered one of Dylan’s most beloved songs in concert since the mid-1980s. Still an audience favorite, Petty’s take is a little faster but still as joyful as the original. And, another chance for the fans to scream “everyone has to get high.That night, other music legends Booker T. Jones and Donald “Duck” Dunn performed with Petty and Co.

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“Just Like a Woman”, Jeff Buckley (1993)

"Like a woman" Jeff Buckley (1993)


Jeff Buckley couldn’t hurt, whether it was recording covers or his own songs. One of his best deals is a version of this blonde on blonde classic. It was part of his Living in Sin-é record. It is also an example of Buckley’s talent on the guitar. Yet Buckley moving and angelic voice is in the foreground and a sweet reminder of life taken far too early. What could have been?

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“Every Grain of Sand”, Emmylou Harris (1995)


Harris special version from that underrated Dylan classic from the early 1980s was included on her wrecking ball album in the 90s. She, along with Sheryl Crow, also performed the song at the funeral of friend and legend Johnny Cash. Harris’ point of view doesn’t stray too far from the spirit of Dylan’s original. Which makes it a cover that you can listen to over and over again without getting tired.

"Like a rolling stone" Rolling Stones (1995)

Michael Chow / Arizona Republic via Imgn Content Services, LLC / USA TODAY

If there ever was a band to cover one of Dylan’s most popular songs, it makes sense that the Rolling Stones are the one to do this. Of the band bare record, the Stones deliver an above-average performance of a tune they were apparently supposed to sing. Full Disclosure: There have been a lot of solid covers of “Like A Rolling Stone,” but we can’t have a list like this without the Stones making a song with their own name.

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“Tangled Up in Blue”, Indigo Girls (1995)

"Tangled in the blue," Indigo Girls (1995)


“Tangled Up in Blue” is a song that even the most casual Dylan fans, or rock fans for that matter, can recognize. The Indigo Girls pulled out some notable covers during her day, and it could be at the top of the list. This version was featured on the duo’s live offer in 1995 1200 curfews, but Amy Ray and Emily Saliers had paid tribute to one of their musical idols by performing the song in concert years before.

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“Maggie’s Farm”, Rage Against The Machine (2000)


One of Dylan’s most notable blues tracks. Rage, however, edited it to deliver a heavy, thunderous approach that was one of the highlights of the band’s 2000 cover album, renegades. This cover features some of Tom Morello’s best guitar work while offering this signature Rage sound . The RATM version was also featured at the end of the 2010 hit comedy Will Ferrell-Mark Wahlberg. The other guys.

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“Isis”, The White Stripes (2001)

"Isis," The White Stripes (2001)

Chip Somodevilla / Detroit Free Press via Imgn Content Services, LLC / USA TODAY

“Isis” was a ballad from his 1976 Desire record, another # 1 album for Dylan. Jack White raise the distortion when it came time to reprise the song in the early 2000s. Critics used words like “fierce” and “blister” to describe the version of The White Stripes, which would have made Dylan a big fan of the band. That might not have been the point of the blanket, but it was a nice reward.

"Another cup of coffee," Robert Plante (2002)

Shelley Mays / The Tennessean, via Imgn Content Services, LLC / USA TODAY

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“Make You Feel My Love”, Adele (2008)

"Make you feel My Love," Adele (2008)

Robert Hanashiro / USA TODAY Sports

This is one of Dylan’s most recent tracks. Recent in the fact that it was released in 1997 Time out of mind record. It was more than a decade later that Adele embarked on her successful debut album. 19 – and she didn’t disappoint. Another song that seemed particularly appropriate and vocally appropriate for the cover artist. It turned out to be a top 30 hit for Adele, who used this song to help present her immense talent to the world.

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“You’ll make me lonely when you go”, Miley Cyrus (2012)

Robert Hanashiro / USAT / USA TODAY

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