Belagavi: Bad fate or inopportune? This is the question that the family of Anand Najare, a medical student from Belagavi who left to continue his studies at the National Medical University of Kharkiv in Ukraine, landed in this distant country a few weeks before the invasion of neighboring Russia , arises for a few weeks. Neither Anand nor his parents were informed by the Indian government of a possible conflict in this part of the world.
Anand left India on February 10, landing in Kharkiv two days later. Just over a fortnight after arriving in Kharkiv, Russia invaded Ukraine on February 27. Anand’s older brother, Somalinga Najare, said, “About 15 other students from Karnataka traveled with Anand.
An agent, whose own son is a first-year MBBS student at Kharkiv National University, helped Anand gain admission to that university. Since the cost of medical education is considerably lower in Ukraine, the family had no qualms about sending him there. An unfortunate Anand, speaking of his ordeal in Ukraine, told TOI: “We hardly get any help from the Indian Embassy. Evacuation efforts seem to be going very slowly, food and water being scarce, my energy is quickly draining.
A naturally anxious Anand curses his luck. “It seems to me that I came to Ukraine to be trapped in the war. There was no warning from the embassy or the government before I left,” said Anand, who has so far traveled 12 km from Kharkiv, supported by little more than snacks over the past three days. .
Somalinga said Anand elders ordered him and his friends not to film their plight. “I asked my brother to send a video, which I can then use on Twitter, and tag the Ministry of External Affairs and Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” Somalinga said, asking the government to work harder to airlifting stranded Indian students instead of broadcasting videos of Indians returning home.
Anand’s father, Erappa Mallappa Najare, expressing regret for sending his son to Ukraine, said, “I am ready to spend any amount of money to get my son back. But isn’t it the government’s responsibility to warn us of impending war? We live in a small village and ignore the situation in the world.