What to wonder if Donald Trump has something to hide.

If Trump’s tax returns are really “very nice,” that’s how he described the documents in 2015, then why the real estate developer turned politician went to such lengths to keep them out of sight , by leading his fight to the Supreme Court of the United States?

While this question cannot be answered in great detail, it is quite easy to speculate. Generally speaking, the former reality TV star’s tax returns should contain information that, at a minimum, would present him in a decidedly unflattering light. Or could get him in legal trouble.

While the public won’t know Trump’s financial records anytime soon, a Supreme Court ruling on Monday ended Trump’s battle as the former president’s accounting firm will now hand over tax returns, and more Again. , to a New York official who was investigating Trump’s finances.

It’s quite interesting, clearly, to think about what might ultimately turn out.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. investigated alleged hidden cash payments made by Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign to two women who claim to have had sex with the real estate mogul. It is possible that the payments, if made, violated campaign finance laws.

While it’s no small feat, Vance hinted that his investigation is much larger, focusing on more than just those payments. If he ultimately files a lawsuit against the former president, the details of Trump’s financial records will surely become public. And what else?

Will it turn out that the entire Trump empire was little more than a glitzy facade? Will the self-proclaimed billionaire turn out to be ultimately not so rich? Will he show himself to be deeply attached to foreign interests with which he would not wish to be connected? Suppose, for example, that Trump owes hundreds of millions of dollars to entities linked to the Kremlin?

Monday’s one-sentence Supreme Court ruling marked the end of a chapter, the conclusion of an act in Trump’s play, but there is still plenty of drama to come, with sudden twists and turns. incredibly unexpected.

Fasten your seat belts, because this journey is just starting.


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