The Wärtsilä technology group and Schneider Electric have jointly developed a unique, end-to-end electrical system reference design. It specifically targets lithium mining operations where there is no access to an electricity supply network. The design provides for an economically viable total expenditure that covers the entire process, including consulting, project design, electrical infrastructure, equipment delivery, installation and commissioning. The solution contributes to the sustainable production of lithium by optimizing the efficient delivery and use of energy, and by leveraging micro-grids and enabling renewable energy sources. The overall objective of this collaborative development is to provide high efficiency energy solutions with a minimal environmental footprint for the mining industry.

The design concept extends over the life cycle of the mine and links the availability and performance of the power plant to the productivity of a mine. Shared business incentives, based on key performance indicators for power generation, reduce operating costs and improve power availability, thereby supporting a mine’s production goals. Predictable parts and maintenance costs reduce the need for working capital.

Wärtsilä and Schneider Electric signed the framework cooperation agreement for the development of the design of mining energy solutions in March 2020. The parties aim to optimize the benefits for customers in mining projects by offering solutions based on technologies mutually complementary. The White Paper on Recommended Power Generation and Power Distribution for High Altitude Lithium Mines was released in June 2021.

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